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On september 12 of this year I found a magazine where I found a Wind star minivan. I live 40 miles away from this yerks. I paid 5000 dollars for this car; this was really a junk. What I bought I paid someone else to take the car home. I did not even try the car because this lady Mrs Kathy the owner of this dealer did not have time for me to drive the car before I paid for it. After we came home with the car the person who drove it said that he heard a lot of noises in this car and the speedometer did not work. Next day I started contacting them but up to this day they did not want to do anything and the car is just a junk. I start trying to fix it but I am far from getting it to work properly. The only thing they offered to fix was the speedometer. To my surprise this thing was a used one with less milage than the one I have in the car. I did not let them install it because I think they are cheating me. The mileage that appear on the car is not real. The car is too much destroyed. Unfortunately the body of this car looks fine. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what to do I would appreciate it. I told them to give me the money back but they refuse to do so, and they also don’t want to fix the car. Rene Lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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