I am new to Edmonton as of the beginning of the story (September 2010) following a separation from my wife and the loss of a business in New Brunswick.I had purchased a car for cash when I had first moved here ton tide me over until I was a little bit more financially stable. Being a field sales rep for a radio station; I do have to drive a lot and the car I had purchased for cash was not reliable enough.Around November 2017 I had placed an ad on Kijiji looking for a reliable vehicle that did not need an out-of-province inspection and was in decent shape. About a week later I had received a call from someone who said he worked for Canadian Auto Remarketing. Basically he said that he will be able to get me in a decent car with a very short payment term. I thought it sounded fairly good given my situation so I went to their office on the West end and met with the owner Bill Boychuk.I was going to finance a 2006 Saturn Ion. It was in good shape, kind of sporty, and good on gas. Everything seemed like it was a go. The day we were supposed to close the deal, I tried calling Bill Boychuk five times and just kept getting his voicemail.The next day Bill Boychuk called me and said that he couldnt get me financed given my situation but he would look for a car that he could. A few days later he called me and said he picked up a Chev nCobalt and he could do the financing on that. The next day when I went to pick it up and sign the papers, I noticed the check engine light was on. The mechanic (Bill_____) said it was the O2 sensor and he said that we needed to wait till it got warmer to fix that or it would break again. I said that was okay. I also noticed that the 3rd speed on the fan didnt work… he said that he would fix that then too. I drove away and was happy that I had a reliable car so I thought.A few weeks later I was at our radio stations Christmas party way out near Cooking Lake. It was quite dark on the way home so I did use my bright lights quite a bit. About 10 minutes into my drive, I had stopped to get gas. The attendant told me my tail lights were out. I turned off my car and restarted it and they came back on. Then to test them I turned on the high beams and shut them off again. Sure enough my tail lights turned off. The very next day I called Bill (the mechanic) and told him the problem. He said that he did not know when he could get that fixed because of their resources but he will try when I bring the car in to get everything else fixed.FAST FORWARD May 2011I called both Bill Boychuk and Bill the mechanic numerous times starting in May and ending today (September 12, 2011) and have been getting the run around. Call me in 30 minutes then call me in 45 then Im at the bank, then Im at lunch, blah blah blah.Finally today I called Bill Boychuk one last time and said I need my car fixed! He was extremely unprofessional and was telling me that he doesnt deal with that end of the business. I said that I am sick and tired of playing this game and was going to seek resolution elsewhere. I do want my car to be fixed but at the same time, I dont want anyone else to be suckered in by these people. Working in sales for 15 years and owning my own company, I have never been treated or spoken to in the way I was with Bill Boychuk. They are now located at 6615 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, AlbertaAlso… This is the same complaint I had sent to Global News and the registar of Alberta dealersJoe, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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