Born, raised, and lived most my life in CA. Last job on the books was in 2013. Got sick and couldn’t work other than odd jobs for friends and family and lived off savings while looking for work till my wife and I moved out of state to Michigan in late 2015. Nov. 2018 I found work in my new hometown in MI, and have been employed here ever since. The move drained our finances and stretched our credit to the breaking point. Now halfway through 2018, we finally found ourselves climbing back out of the financial hole and starting to save again. Got my savings account up to a meager 1,450.01, one whole cent in interest accrued from the previous month lol, but things were looking up and stabilizing. Yesterday morning I went online to check my balances and pending transactions only to find my savings account wiped out entirely courtesy of the CA ftb. Didn’t even leave me my last penny, took everything. No notice. No calls, letters, emails, nothing. Just blindsided and left with an empty account. It’s been d**n near three years since I’ve even lived in California, and five since I’ve held a job there. This conveniently happened late Friday afternoon, so by the time I became aware of it, the ftb office was closed, being a saturday, and I could not get anywhere with it. I had no outstanding tax liability in CA, in fact, I always received a refund when I did my taxes, I never owed. Somehow these monkeys are able to take anyone’s money without notice, explanation, or cause? I am livid to say the least. I hope to provide an update as soon as I get some answers, and I desperately hope it is good news. I work hard, I play by the rules, and I may not have much, but what I do have I’ve earned. This is unscrupulous and downright dirty thievery.

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