Repairs included: 1. Rim replacement or fix, to be decided when brought in… 2. Alignment 3. Latch release fix1. Rims: Service dept. told insurance company of which the warranty was under that was sold to me by the dealership, that the rims needed to be repaired. Service dept. told me that one rim needed to be replaced & not repaired. I had to follow-up multiple times with Dave from the service dept. so that he could tell the insurance company that the rim was not repairable. In addition the car sat for a week after the scheduled date of the appointment, without being worked on…I had no car for over two weeks & no loaner was offered. In addition, I had to wait for an alloy guy to come in to inspect the wheel to see if it was fixable. 2. Dave profusely argued with me for doing an alignment because I did not want to buy new tires. Ever up until the time I paid & the repairs were said to be “complete” he said that the alignment would need to be done again & that I should get new tires from him. My tires are not brand new but they are not flat, low on pressure or bald. The service dept. was unable to do an alignment & then had to send it to sears to do an alignment….more time wasted. 3. When I asked Dave, if the latch release needed a part, & that was why I was unable to get the hood up, he said it wasn’t broken. I got the car back today, now instead of it being stuck shut, its stuck open & I am unable to drive the car that I was just charged close to $800 to fix. 4. They also installed a $150 tire sensor without my consent & charged me for it. The tire sensor indicator light had been on a higher level of sensitivity since I got it, & the Freehold dealership told me that & said that if it remained an issue they could turn down the sensitivity. Eatontown just replaced it & charged me without even asking…awesome. 5. When I turn on my exterior lights they turn off my clock radio & temperature light in the car, so I have no idea what time it is. They also lowered the dashboard lights so low that if I turn on my exterior lights, I have no idea how fast Im going how much gas i have, what the RPMs are to shift (its manual) etc. It took them over two weeks to fix things i didn’t ask them to fix just to charge me, fix only half of what i asked them to fix, break things & not tell me & on top of it I still can’t drive the car. The hood could just fly up at any moment, & all the lights are crossed like a funhouse on fire. I still have no car & i’m $800 in the hole.

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