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I bought an extended warranty from Brandow Dodge-Chrysler on June 25, 2004. The deductable was to be $100.00, with the total cost of the policy $1303.00. After about 3 weeks, I still hadn’t recieved anything from Dodge stating that I had this policy. Meanwhile, my 2004 Neon needed a repair. I kept(and still do)on hearing a grinding sound coming from the front left side, particulary when I go over a bump or steer. More on that in a minute… After bringing my car in, the svc manager told me that “The policy wasnt in the computer”. It should be noted that they didn’t even service the vehicle, claiming that they “couldn’t get to it”, but that he would “hook me up with a free oil change and rental”. I was angry, but I left. After many calls to the woman who sold me the original policy and to Dodge,(We are talking over 15, sometimes 2-3 a day) the proper warranty info was finally in their system….. I brought the car back after it was suggested by one of their mechanics that it could be the front wheel bearings… they replaced them under the warranty.. problem is still there. the svc mngr then tried to charge me $251.00 for the “free oil change”, tire rotation and higher deductable…After speaking up, I only did pay the $100.00.. I then brought my Neon back in as the grinding was still there. The mechanic who went with me for the road test let it slip that the wheel bearing fix was “just a guess”. They looked at my car, had it up on the lift, had “an axle specialist” look at it, road tested it, and claimed that the car was fine (I did save the receipt stating as such)… It should be mentioned that I had a second opinion on the noise and was told not to worry about it for now, since noises can be tricky to diagnose and the car is operable. Bottom line, I’m waiting for the problem to get more serious, then Im taking it to a different dealership. Next time, I’m buying a new car. Adam Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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