This male witch claims to be so kind and begs for money via casting spells on your behalf , claiming profits go to the homeless etc. he sends long pointless emails claiming to make you rich yet turns around and says his teeth are rotting and he has no money to pay his own rent. How can you do wealth spells and be broke? In one blogspot mention he says he is doing spells and charges up to 133.33 dollars to be a new ipad to keep doing spells on your behalf. In truth this guy runs a photo business with his wife. he had a business on ebay check it out black and white mauii google him he is a white male- with a long ponytail. He inreturn if you buy from him once will do manipulative things to make you come back to him and be dependant on him. He Also claims to be a lady name GHIa living in a remote part of India – what he does is go into a burns candles .meditates on you and if he sees you have money then he makes you his target. Do not trust a person who claims nooo I waw wshelping you I only wish to help you I barely eat because my goal is to help you. he says my teeth are rotting yet in an earlier email he claims to be on the beach sunbathing and relaxing in bliss. He does spells and begs as a suplement to his photo biz. He lies like a rug. view him on twitter bbmercari. I posted some of his emails there!!! Beware he is 1 of the main reasons why ebay stopped allowing magicians. he is a fake a phoney – I used him and at 1 point belived in him he did an energy spell and I felt great for about 5 mins. so then I went to buy his 13xs cast spell at 100.00 thats how he gets you this spell did nothing. if you question him he sends all type of feel goodlingo yet no real lasting results. Ieven blocked his emails to which he overides and tells you do not let the negative energy keep us apart- you need me and my spells. be warne dsave your time. good workers over on creepyhollows many great workers. I do not endorse anyone I just will tell you who to stay away from!!!

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