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that I had been scammed by an unscrupulus salesman I would have never bought a used vehicle from this local dealer. Ronnie told me that if I had problems with a payment I could make alternative payment arrangements. I made several attempt to call the finance department and had no acknowledgement of my voice mails until they decided to reposess my vehicle. BUYER BEWARE OF BARRETT MOTORS IN ROWLETT and GARLAND TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!! We faced a tough economic crunch due to the excessive rain received in Texas. As a general contractor, there were more than 20 days we were unable to work and didnt have any income. We contacted Ms Farley at Barrett and requested that they please work with us anyway they could. There were no return calls from her. We owed Barrett a mesealy $600 for 3 payments. Our terminally ill child had a severe attack that night and we were unable to contact anyone for information on how to retrieve our vehicle. As a result our son has been hospitalized for over 2 weeks now, driving us further into financial oblivion. The next day we brought the entire amont due to the dealership by foot. They refused our payment and now we dont know what to expect. At that time, Ms Farley recited the previous payment arrangment requests that were documented in their system. Even our mortgage company communicated and worked with us to resolution during this time. Unfortunately that was not reflected on our credit report, yet Mr David Barrett would not take the time to listen and understand our situation or consider any options. That is all we requested from Barrett. I am happy to report that we have obtained a much greater quality vehicle for less than Barrett gouged us for! Their cars are highly overpriced and are of VERY POOR QUALITY! There were many hidden problems in our vehicle. The good news is, they are more than happy to finance any repairs into your loan should you need service. What a scam! BEWARE OF the two salesman out front! They are a tag team scam! They claim they will work with you if you hit a rough spot when in fact that is obviously not company policy! I am happy to say that within 3 weeks we have become current on all of our obligations to our debtors. DONT BUY FROM BARRETT MOTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Rowlett, TexasU.S.A.

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