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Azazel Makaya aka Meghann Donelle Norman born April 3rd (((REDACTED))) is a pathological liar and a thief. I use to be friends with benefits with her and felt protective over her. Because she told me her father Donald Norman use to molest her on and off throughout her entire childhood. And I sincerely thought she was so messed up from having experienced such traumatic incidents since growing up. That I overlooked a lot of her craziness. I now believe she lied about this. She also lied about her mother Judith Havirds boyfriend Scott Hawkins saying he had molested her little sister when she was in the bathtub at his house. She even went so far as to call the police on him. And an investigation was opened. It turned out later that she made up the whole thing. Because when Scott broke up with Meghanns mother he eventually threw out items that belonged to Meghann after she failed to retrieve them. And Meghann manufactured the lie to get even with him. After this Meghann cheated on her boyfriend Miguel. He found out and broke up with her. When he tried to call Meghanns mom to come get her. Meghann pissed and pooped herself. She later admitted in court that she thought Miguel would go and clean the pee and poo that soaked out of her thong underwear and landed on the floor giving her time to destroy his phone so he couldnu2019t call her mom to come get her. But when he didnu2019t and continued to go for the phone she ran out half naked screaming. This got the attention of concerned citizens who mistook what was happening for a domestic violence situation or possibly a sexual assault. They contacted law enforcement and Meghann continued the lie to get Miguel arrested for domestic violence. She even went so far as to say she peed and pooped herself out of fear of him. She then tried to force Miguel to take her back thru blackmail by holding the court case above his head. And even using the child they share together as a pawn. She later admitted she lied in court and the charges were dropped. And Miguel was stupid enough to take her back. Less then a month later she had him rearrested falsely on another domestic violence case. She took off with his kid 900 miles away. And he had to fight to get him back. Now he has full custody because sheu2019s such a dead beat loser. That she didnu2019t even show up for court. After this she contacted the police in South Carolina and claimed another man by the name of Jackie Moore aka Jay had kidnapped and raped her. Turns out she met him and had sex with him the same day and got an STD from him. So to get even with him she called the police on him and lied on him as well. I let her stay at my house when she had no other place to go. And she stole from me and my kids. So Iu2019m here to warn everyone about her. She pretends to be a psychic a magician a mambo a yaya a clairvoyant a healer a Spellcaster a Wiccan Priestess and to have all these religious titles and spiritual powers and initiations but sheu2019s a fraud who uses any money that she makes for drugs. She has NO SPIRITUAL POWERS Whatsoever. NO SPIRITUAL INITIATIONS. AND IS A FRAUD Sheu2019s also been diagnosed with schizophrenia. And is dangerous to be around. She likes to falsely accuse people of rape and domestic abuse to get them in trouble and to lower other peopleu2019s guards so theyu2019ll feel sorry for them.

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