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Every time, I do business at Audio Experts, they always increase the price from the quote which I am given. I must negiotate to have the cost dropped!They install me stuff to vehicle, which I don’t request then charge me for unnecessary un-functional garbage! For example, I had a head lights bulbs changed to blue with a “Brain” what Shawn calls it. I didn’t want it or requested for it. It caused my radio to static whenever the headlights were on. Always, my driver side headlights didn’t operate or function properly. I must flick the head light switch over 30times just to make it operate. Shawn is aware of this, and embarrass me and harasses me. His employee, admits to me he did it on purpose cause he was too cheap to purchase a specific part which costs $25 they wanted to mark-up the value to $500 and charge me for it! I will file a small claims court suit against Shawn, over fraud.

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