I was looking for an antenna for my TV because I wanted to cut the cord to cable and satalite high prices and use internet only, but I still wanted my local channels so I could watch football games. I contacted Antenna Deals .com and spoke with a representative so that I would buy the right anntea. I had already bought one and returned it from another company. No problem with that return or reimbursement, they stated I had 60 days to try the anntena and so I actually bought 2 of them,one for both my TV’s. I used the antenna for a few days and found they just did not do the job. Not only did I not get the channels that they said I would but every time I bumped the antenna I had to go back and do a channel scan til I found that exact right spot again. I have been trying to contact the company since the day after Thanksgiving , I bought these on November 4th, now they will not return my phone calls and I can never get anyone to answer the call. It always says all the company representatives are busy so leave a name and number and a brief message. So they know that I want to return the items and I guess they have me flagged so as not to talk with me. This is so frustrating. I bought in good faith, they should return my money as they promised I did contact the manufacturer and even got the RAM number but they told me I had to return it to the place I bought it but that seems impossible if they won’t even take your phone call. This company is a total rip off and I will let everyone I know via social media not to buy from them. So that means everyone I know will have it posted and it will go to everyone they know and it will keep on going. This company needs to be shut down and all customers dissatisfied reimbursed

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