Amy Nantes — Victoria, Canada

Amy Nantes/ Eden Frost is a floozy working out of Victoria BC and you should never go see her. A personal contact of hers got DRD from her even though she claimed to be tested every month. Turns out you cannot test for all DRD strains… go figure. Her sheets are never washed unless its super obvious they are disgusting. She always has razor burns and weights way more and is older than she advertises. Her enthusiasm levels are next to zero and her gf experience seems no warmer than a dead fish. Speaking of dead fish you do not want to go down on her and don’t expect any passion when your trying your hardest to get off. She sh1t talks her clients behind their backs and laughs about how much money she makes off them. She works out of her downtown apartment which she couldn’t afford on her own so she had to co-sign with someone. When that person found out what she was doing with the apartment and tried to get off she stonewalled them until the matter had to be resolved legally months later. She is garbage incarnate and it shows in her personality and life style.

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