March 18th I arrived at 400 W. Superior (where the police told me to go for my car). I was there for a long time when they informed me that my car had not arrived there yet and they did not know where it was but when it did get there that it would be $116. When I got a cab home and was getting out a man from the American Towing Association was walking toward me at my place of residence and told me they had my car and he would ‘do me a favor’ and take me to my car. I thought it was a little strange but I did not know any better. We drove miles out to my car and when we got to the car in an old huge storage place out my Austin and Dickens he told me to get my personal belongings from the car. He then got me to sign the end of a some document to release my car and on top of that conned me into tipping him 40 dollars as he was convincing me that he did me a favor. When i got home after a 25 dollar cab ride I realized that I had left my coat and police paperwork in the from of his tow truck and the cell number he gave me was not working, or course! The next day I opened the paperwork that he had closed with tape (so I obviously would not read it right away) and saw that I had unknowingly signed a bill of charges over 600 dollars. I almost passed out, as this is a lot of money for someone with my monthly income. I called and got through to the owner DANNY, and he told me if i did not get the car and pay I was incurring a storage charge of 50 dollars per day. I called AAA as I am a member and they met me at the address where it was kept. Also important to mention that this guy made it almost impossible to get the car because of their impossible opening hours. They close at 3 on weekdays and noon on Saturdays. He met us outside and was over half hour late, making the AAA truck wait (thankfully he was very understanding). I told the AAA guy the story and he informed me that I had been ripped off and no tow should cost what I was being charged. DANNY demanded cash and I cried as my friend handed him over $640 while his family sat back in their nice flashy car. This transaction never even took place in a civilized office. I never got my coat back or the proper paperwork; he handed me back mail from my mailbox that the first guy Johnny had taken from my mail box! This is a federal offense; I had never received this mail until now and he obviously had taken it from my mailbox initially to figure out what apartment was mine. The more I researched this the more I figured out how scheming these people are. When my boyfriend asked DANNY who had called in my car at the time of the accident the mans response was “do you want your car or not?!” Something needs to be done about these people! So please report anything you have experienced or gone through that sounds like this. I plan on taking this further and suing them either via my lawyer or through the small claims court and exposing these people for who they really are.

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