Took our 2002 Ford Explorer to the local dealership thinking that they would be honest and capable of working on their own product and seeing all the plaques on the wall about their master techs I felt comfortable (shortly).I brought it in because my wife said it rode rough and did’nt handle right. My service advisor informed me that the front bearings were in need of replacment(whole hub assembly). I informed her I did not have the time to have the work done on that day and I would bring it in the next morning. She also said that the serpentine belt was dry rotted and could fail at any time, HMMM, I told her that the belt was just replaced 5 weeks ago and I wanted to see it, the car was still in the bay and the tech who diagnosed it was still there, we popped the hood and the belt was shinny and looked like a belt that was just a few weeks old. The service advisor and the tech were speechless and kind of just blew it off. Against my better judgment I brought it in the next day to have the hub assemblys installed and told the service advisor I was a little hesetant about them doing the work after the belt lie and she assured me it was an isolated incedent(right).Upon completing the hub replacment the advisor told me that the tech said he could hear noises comming from the rear bearings and they could go at any time and gave me a quote of $500.00 to replace them. So thinking that night about the belt LIE I decided to take the explorer to a mechanic I have used and trust in the past, he put it on the rack and raised the back tires and started and put it in gear and listened with stethascope. He then turned the motor off and felt for any play on each rear tire, he finished and told me the bearings were in perfect working order and were no where near replacment. So after a charge of $40.00(1.5 hrs) to tell me what ford told me was inaccurate, I know he will be my only mechanic in the future. Trust is hard to find and you will not find it at DISSADVANTAGE FORD.

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