In March 2019 I Sent Michelle the Owner of English bulldog puppies for sale on facebook $2,000, In the payment of Prepaid Cash Cards. She then sent me a contract, Stating i had that much of a balance with her. We had agreed i Was to Purchase 2 French Bulldog females Fawn/ White Colored For The fathers Day Special, And One puppy In July. I Then Messaged her around April to see pictures of the newborn puppies that i could pick from and She didn’t reply. Messaged her Several other times with no reply, I called her out on her page and she messaged me right away saying she was very busy and that i could pick 2 puppies, i Picked 2 and asked for more pictures.AGAIN SHE DIDN’T REPLY. I Then threated that if she didn’t give me a Refund back i Was Going to File for a Claims Court, She Didn’t Reply. I contacted the Local Animal Control Officer and He said that they Could not do Anything if i didn’t have the Address of Her. She never gave me her Address however i have met at least 15 other victims online that have also been scammed by Michelle. I still till this Day DID NOT GET A REFUND AND I WANT TO FILE FOR A COURT BUT DON’T KNOW HOW OR IF I EVEN HAVE A GOOD ENOUGH CASE TO BECAUSE I AM.IN WASHINGTON AND SHE IS IN FL. DO NOT SEND HER MONEY SHE IS A BIG TIME SCAM SHE INSULTED MY FAMILY MEMBERS FOR GETTING IN AND TRYING TO HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK. WE NEED TO SHUT HER DOWN, SHE IS NOW SPONSERED BY FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK IS PRETTY MUCH NOT DOING ANYTHING.

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