Contacted this guy Jimmy, Actually i was on the website and fill out info and he contacted me. He was asking for 500 deposit, He emailed a receipt right away, I said this guy is legit, boy wass i wrong. He said in Three weeks the new Litter would be born. I told him i need the puppies before christmas, because my Bullmastii Malcom died after 12 years of owning him. He said no problem. I ask for photos and he sends me a fawn male. I said it looks good but he said it wsnt ready to be shipped out. I waited 6 weeks after that conversation and he sends me a different photo of a red fawn, I said to him that they look Red. He said thats all he had. I eas confused because he only showed one puppy, usually litters are 8 to 12. I gave him the benefit of the dought. He contacts me after another 2 weeks. The puooy is ready to be shipped out. Here is the flight info you get the dog on friday. He calls me friday morning and tells me he cant ship the puppy because it got hurt in the kennel. It sounded like B.S. to me. I ask to see the vet bill as proof that he wasnt lying, guess what. you guess right he didnt replied. I didnt say anything after that. I contacted my credit company. They back charge the credit to the merchant and got my 1500 back. I kept quiet and he contacted me saying that he had another litter coming in 8 weeks. I said ok no problem, Little did he know that at that point i really didnt care anymore. I had already reached out to a breeder in Lancaster P.A. I got better results there. Im enjoying my new SAmson. She is a good breeder. Not like Jimmy with the story about he got divorce, he sons baby has coccaine in the blood. Please spare me the B.S. and stop ripping people off. He eventually found out that i backcharge the merchant and got my money back. For everyone one out there stay away from this guy. If you already into the mess , call your credit card company. If there anything like chase you are A ok.

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