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I am very disturbed at the lack of service, and lies I have received from World Access, and the handling of our trip interruption claim. We were returning from a Memorial Day event in Washington, D.C., My husband was injured in Florida, We thought we had trip interruption service for both of us, but World Access (Access America) is telling us we are only covered for a single event, even if both of us were involved. The day of the accident, in the ER, I called the number on my Emergency Road Service card to find out what, if any coverage we have. After several minutes of confusion, apparently because of the different coverages in different states, I was told yes, we had coverage of $1000 per person, PLUS vehicle return of up to $500. My first call was at 2:39 pm. This phone call was electronically answered, and announced AAA premier services provided by World Access. This phone call took 10 minutes, and a second initiation of claim was made, as the first claim couldn’t be found. I inquired what qualified as an incident for trip interruption. I was told the Doctor’s release information would be all that was needed. I called the latter number again the next day,where I spoke to the representative for 18 minutes again, to get information about what was covered. Again, there was no record of my prior two claims so I created yet another one. Again I was assured I had coverage, and that we had $1000 per person PLUS vehicle return. I was having trouble finding a way to get our motorcycle home, so I asked if we put our motorcycle on a U-haul truck, would that be considered vehicle return. I was told up to $500 of it was covered, it didn’t matter HOW we got it home. The doctor’s instructions were to keep the foot elevated for 48 hours after his discharge, but we left 24 hours ahead of that, because we needed to get home. AFTER we had the claim in for over a month,(July 13 2006) I was told that we were only covered for 96 hours from the accident! This was the first time I spoke to the actual claims representative, who finally called me back after several attempts to get an update on our claim. Then, she opened a second claim number, because she said the original claim only covered the incident, not both of us. That was July 13, 10:59am. I informed on the 27th of July that only one incident could be covered, and only the first 96 hours after the incident, and not for both hotel AND transportation, but one OR the other. I have tried to appeal the decision to cover only one of us. HIS trip was interrupted because he was injured, MY trip was interrupted because I had no other way to get home. I should be allowed to make a claim as well. I have been a member of AAA since 1971. That means that in 35 years of paying premiums, my coverage amounted to $9.49 a year, yet my annual AUTO club fees were 10 times that amount! I would do better to put my premiums in the bank. I’d have 3500 by now, plus interest for 35 years. We didn’t stay in fancy hotels, we stayed in the most reasonable ones we could find on the road. We didn’t eat at luxurious restaurants, in many cases we picked up snacks at gas stops so we could continue toward home, and skipped meals. We are on a fixed, income, and thought we were protected by the AAA Plus membership. What is the point in having this insurance if it only pays $300.00? That is a ripoff. Janette Beaumont, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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