This is to advise you, that today, our company Is turning you, Rigoberto and 4sgm.com over to BBB.com, ripoffscams.com, and also www.litcounsel.org/ and also, a bill for $8.00 (fax fee), $10.00 (certified fee), which all bills you said you would pay. You asked for credit cards and drivers licenses. Which is not a normal practice of other companies. This is illegal practice via fax. The billing of two weeks for working on this entire order, includes driving, time talking to 4sgm.com etc is $898.78. This is all due within 7 days of receipt of the email. We will also file a suit with Home – Litigation Counsel of America and other Litigation counsels throughout the USA, and 4sgm, will have to pay for all lawyer fees, collection fees, court costs. Home – Litigation Counsel of America Barbara A. Zurek Meagher & Geer, P.L.L.P. Minneapolis, Minnesota A trial lawyer is just a trial lawyer. Unless sheu2019s an LCA FELLOW. LCA u2018 The Litigation Counsel of America. View on www.litcounsel.org Preview by Yahoo In all respect, we spent a total of 93 hours on this project between one owner and one employee. Now, we seek litigation. All court hearings will be held here, in Somerset, County. Somerset, PA. Travel expenses also to be paid by 4sgm.com… A free credit report for 1 year to be paid from 4sgm.com as well due to the fact of needing to change credit card numbers now. In final saying: We have now been in business for 24 years here next month. A few short years from you. We have 6 warehouses over USA and a factor in China. We have NEVER dealt with poor customer service like we just did. I personally got the run a round, every chance I got. 4sgm, your by far the worst so called company out there. I would not purchase from you. A certified letter will be sent as well. Good luck with everything, LBK Wholesale & Distribution Co.

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