Antony ‘Roland’ Monfet – the Walter Mitty of ecommerce

Please do not trust this individual (Antony Roland Monfet) in any manner whatsoever, he has zero ethics and less than zero knowledge of business, as you will have read from the other reviews listed on this site he has failed and ripped of people all across the world.

My personal experience with him left me with losses from both his useless Consulting services and his Managed Account Programme. He did not have clue as to what he was doing and gave excuse after excuse as to where my products were (they were not even purchased I found out later from the Chinese sellers, they too had been ripped off by him).

A number of people have sued him as he ripped them off for a variety of services. (Please see the Huntsville court losses against him for fraud ). Being such a useless ‘businessman’ he had no money left as it was put into useless dreams of being a wholesale bookseller. This guy is a real ‘Walter Mitty’ character, thinks he is a great business guru but is in fact a total idiot who only makes money by ripping people off.

A few words to describe him – swindler, con man, fraudster, scam artist, crook, deceiver, eCommerce predator, con artist, cheat, fraud, defrauder, charlatan, scammer, Anthony Monfet fraudster.

Last known places Monfet has resided in are Huntsville, Alabama and 90 Lawrence Ave
West Orange NJ 07052. He also uses his Facebook group ‘Sell Online on Amazon – Private Label Products, Seller Help & More!’ to draw in more fraud victims.

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